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Ain't nothin' good in the hood.

2010-07-12 10:37:28 by Synonymous

Some kid stole a flash I made a while back and calls it his own. Too bad my name is still on the swf file DERP. Stil though, RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!one!

..and that's why you always put your name and tripcode on things if you post them on a chan. ;D

Ain't nothin' good in the hood.


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2010-07-12 11:05:06

Oh, but Niipah, and LOLICATGIRLS wasn't also stolen from 4chan? We're all from the same "Hood" faggot.

(Updated ) Synonymous responds:

I redrew the dancing street guys animation frame-by-motherfucking frame and you call all THAT hard effort stolen? Fuck you.
>EDIT: disregard that, cock etc..